Sticky hand/cheesy chocolate

Along with the official day for waffles came an inevitable epiphany. Me - the next Bruce Lee. As simple as that. Martial arts practicers all over the world, WATCH OUT - you're looking at the next Wing Chun master. Sticky hand you say? I'll take you down without using a single muscle, easypeasy.

Inevitably, spring is (finally) approaching - thank God. Count the pairs of white Chuck's out on the streets and you'll have proof enough. People seem to now awaken from the few months of the national, unperceived darkness-coma and take every second to let the skin soak up some vitamine D.

I never thought. But. Chocolate mud cake. With. Bleu cheese. Amazing.

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Official days are so boring - sometimes I feel as being fed up from them!

2012-02-07 @ 10:15:04

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