Paris je t'aime

L'été, pour vrai

Summer has really been present the last week, in everything except for the weather. Well, actually the weather too - rain and rain and rain or at least "mulet" (cloudy and overcast) is something we more than often refer to as "Swedish summer". What I mean though is that holy vacation feeling when you can sit around and just do absolutely nothing for a whole day and it both is seen as okay from the surroundings, and you feel good about it.

The days have been filled with great family dinners and lots of "fika's" with family and friends. Such simple pleasures! It has also been quite a bit of musicality lately, and the skin on the edge of my fingers is getting thicker and thicker. My life must be filled of these simple pleasures.

Now though, with the first Harry Potter book - already almost half-way through - in yet another language (guess what language this time?) in my carry-on, I will tomorrow fly down to Paris and my very favourite little Durand-girl! A bientôt!

Oh my god!

Well, yeah, this is kind of how unfairly happy I am. And not only about how good it was to take a two-hour shower yesterday, scraping off the mud and the rest you collect after living in a tent for four days. And not from how awesome it was dancing away to Crystal Castles, Andreas Grega, Feadz and Hoffmaestro and more the past days. Or how amazing our camp was, how good the party tent protected from the rain, or how beautiful the little chicken legs were that we duct taped to the ceiling. But everything, and more. And it is very unreal how distant "last year" feels already, even though it's been 2 weeks since I landed in Copenhagen. It is like a dream, that I remember very clearly, with all details, but I still doubt if it really took place - if I really was there and did all those things, met all those wonderful people.

I'm so happy, every day I see people I haven't seen for almost a year. And it feels like I haven't been gone at all. And in less than a week now I will get to see ma jumelle celeste again. I can't complain - life is certainly good. And the picture is taken by this wonderful young lady.

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