Sky and Sand

Wonderful days up on the coast, with great friends! And now - I'm pumped for Emmaboda! 4 days, great bands coming, muddy tents, crazy fun people - will be amazing!


Favourites from the last trip in Cali. Everything becomes so much more fun with a fisheye!


Me, Charlie (exchange student from Michigan), his Rotary counselor and another Rotarian!

I have now landed, of course physically, but also more mentally. Wait, what am I saying? Actually - I'm still way up there, somewhere! But it actually feels good being a little all over the place! However, I am now starting to crank that wheel that is supposed to be called my life; a big creative revival with the cello - aching fingers as a result - , starting a get-back-in-shape-campaign - as if the Grand Canyon and Half Dome wasn't enough - and wonderful times with my family and friends. We've said it before and I'll say it again - Life is Good.

Life starts all over again

A paradox, that's what this is. It is not supposed to feel this good being home, I'm not supposed to be this full of energy and life. Jetlag is something I have hardly even felt at all!

However, I have now done some of those things I have been longing for the whole year - I have been missing the milk, yoghurt, cheese and bread ridiculously much. I have been just walking in the city, taking it all in and watching all the people. And okay, I have to admit it - coming from the outside it kind of very much feels like Sweden is blonde-blue-eyed-land! I have been taking the bus and tram again, oh I have missed it!!! The bus driver must have thought I was going on something when I walked on the bus with the biggest smile I could ever conjure, and it was stuck on my face the whole 15 minutes I sat there! Such simple joys we can find here in life!

Today I will have somewhat of a musical experience (which will probably include a major pain in my fingers this afternoon) - it's time for Cello Stud Muffin Revival! After that I will finally get some West Coast feeling, joining my parents up in our vacation home. I'm longing for the ocean!

Home, sweet home...

I'm back!!! My flight home was very pleasant (apart from the fact that I was leaving of course), all the way to Chicago I had people asking me about my Rotary jacket that now looks like a real American Christmas Tree. One guy who was just now coming home from China even gave me another patch to put on there!
As I walked up into Terminal 5 at O'Hare I literally walk right into a mob of Danish Rotary Exchange Students! I found out that they were all going home too, and that they - all 25 of them - were on the same flight as me to Copenhagen!

Sure, I didn't really understand much of what they were saying, but it was very nice having some exchange student spirit during those 13 hours I otherwise would have had to spend all alone. Then I finally arrived with all my overweight luggage at Copenhagen, and went out into a whole sea of danish flags held by danish Exchange student families. And then, in the back, I see my smiling parents holding a huuge yellow and blue sign saying "Välkommen hem, Naima!" (Welcome home, Naima).

We got all the way home, with just a couple of stops for ice cream and at "The Salmon Factory". When I then finally had climbed all the stairs up to the house, and walk in, my dearest brothers welcomes me by singing a self-written "Welcome, Naima"-song to the Star Wars Theme song. Who could ask for anything better? Finally, we end the evening by having our salmon and home-grown potatoes for dinner, with a delicious mudcake (contributed by Jonatan).

So much love and laughter, I have dearly missed my family, Sweden and all that comes with it. It is so funny how everything seems so much smaller here - the cars, shampoo bottles, houses, you name it - and the whole atmosphere is so different! And of course, my brain is going crazy trying to express everything in swedish again... NOT the easiest! For all you swedish readers - just try yourself for a second to find a good translation to "excited" that doesn't sound completely sexual!!!

Tonight there will be a little coming-home bbq for friends and family, or actually a combined coming-home/going-away, tomorrow dear Charlie from Michigan, who have been living with my family for the year, will be flying home.

(I mean, when you get used to this kind of supersized - most things look tiny...)

US and A, I love you.

"Au revoir", "Hasta la vista, baby", and all that! Yes - I am now leaving. We're heading down to San Francisco tonight to have plenty of time before my flight at noon tomorrow (friday). My suitcases (filled to the very breaking limit) are standing in the hallway, all ready to go. If I am ready though, I don't know. The last month has certainly both flown away and lasted forever, but I am not sure if I'm ready to see that it is over. My ticket, however, is for tomorrow, and I am going to do everything that is in my power to have me (and all my luggage) on that plane. I can't wait to finally get to see my dear family and friends again, after 11 months away - be prepared for a couple of million hug-attacks!

Saying goodbye to my new international family and friends, hasn't been easy. But, I want to tell all of you again, that this is actually not a "goodbye", it is indeed a "see you later"! With the world getting smaller and smaller as we speak (no, Jonatan, of course not literally...), there is no reason for the kind of deep and i-will-never-ever-see-you-again-goodbye. I will keep in touch, I will travel all over, and I will come back - there is no doubt to it. And, just as my heart always will, my door - wherever in the world it might be throughout my life - will always be open for you. So with a deep breath of the very nice-scented lake I've fallen in love with, but now am parting with, I say you "I love you, take care, goodbye and see you later!"

Det var väst vilket Safari!

Men jo, det var både värst och väst! Western Safari Trip - två veckor, 60 utbytesstudenter, en buss, en van, en truck och en trailer. Hela västra USA. Nu sitter jag här med de bästa minnen, erfarenheter och relationer någon kan ha. Men också totalt uppriven från de avsked jag tvingats ta. Och mer väntar.

Jag är fortfarande där, på toppen av Half Dome i Yosemite (på bilden), simmandes i Colorado River på botten av Gran Canyon, dansandes runt hela natten i en limo i Las Vegas. Jag är fortfarande den den som alla kommer till för solkräm/vaseline/vatten/granola bars (yeah, I'm the mama) på Disneyland, Universal Studios och Sea World. Jag njuter fortfarande av susandet i öronen på cykeln nere i Yosemite Valley, av dånandet från det gigantiska vattenfallet som vi blev helt dränkta av från 50 meters avstånd och nästan tog våra liv bara när vi klättrade ut på klipporna för att komma närmare. Jag sitter fortfarande på bussen och diskuterar med mina nyfunna syskon från helt olika delar av världen, konversationer som börjar med Harry Potter och slutar i kärnkraftverk. Jag skrattar, gråter, pratar, sjunger, sover, studerar stjärnorna och lever fortfarande med några av de mest underbara personer i hela världen, från hela världen. Jag är fortfarande där.

För tillfället får ni nöja er med denna extremt vackra bild på mig uppe på Half Dome (som är 2 700 möh), det stupar sisådär 1,5 km rätt ner från där jag står. Jag har nu exakt 3 dygn kvar här i Clearlake innan jag lämnar detta hemmet för att återfinna mitt gamla. Bear with me, mer bilder kommer. Så småningom.

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