Happy Christmas

As a greeting of the joy of christmas, I take yet another step down the road of nostalgia. However - we were young folks then - we are young folks now, and no less fit to enjoy life than we were.
From me to you : have a very very very merry christmas!

peace & love forever.

Sweet nostalgia

A while since I've posted here, and will have to disappoint you yet again with a no-promise that I will start again. However, I just wanted to share a little piece from our school christmas show a year ago. A pity the light does not shine brighter on the wonderful beautiful singer and the amazing guitarist!

peace & love forever.

Sticky hand/cheesy chocolate

Along with the official day for waffles came an inevitable epiphany. Me - the next Bruce Lee. As simple as that. Martial arts practicers all over the world, WATCH OUT - you're looking at the next Wing Chun master. Sticky hand you say? I'll take you down without using a single muscle, easypeasy.

Inevitably, spring is (finally) approaching - thank God. Count the pairs of white Chuck's out on the streets and you'll have proof enough. People seem to now awaken from the few months of the national, unperceived darkness-coma and take every second to let the skin soak up some vitamine D.

I never thought. But. Chocolate mud cake. With. Bleu cheese. Amazing.
peace & love forever.


Just for a few days.
peace & love forever.

Laugh like a fool, or don't laugh at all

A regular friday ? Oh no. Sun (snow), quiet breakfast table and holy Chuck Taylor-weather.
And as topping on the chocolate chips on the sprinkles on the whipped cream on the very best B&J - J's in town.
peace & love forever.

Youth knows

What is life, if not the newly woken sunrays of early March?
peace & love forever.

No secret handshakes, simply kisses hello and kisses goodbye

Here I am - a daughter (and now only-child since my second brother escaped the nest a few weeks ago) undescribably proud of having yet another doctor in the family. Who knew the feared D-day would turn out such a great day, from start to finish - with friends and family there to help and support.

Friday was BLACK SWAN. Entering the theatre with high on expectations, two hours sitting as if on newly sharpened nails accidently tipping half of the popcorn over the couple in front of me, exiting with arm hairs still raised hours after the end credits. It should have gotten more Oscar's.
peace & love forever.

No limits


Surrounded by beautiful people, inside and out. Morning darkness is fading along with my hair color. Fridays are for celebrating birthdays, especially 18th:s. Excitement.
peace & love forever.

Waterfall in slow motion

Moena, Italy.
Slow down and let minutes go by as if they were clouds passing on a summer blue sky.
peace & love forever.

Vitt, vackert, visst.

Blog activity low lately, requesting apology from friends, family and tout le monde. However, Naima activity high - hours and hours spent nailing the processes of our metabolism, the theories of Archimedes and Isaac Newton, acting out Beethoven's miserable life in the Concert Hall of Gothenburg. Almost a week of living the dream, devouring russian romanticism with nightly nibs of more modern thinking. Along with a dad that just turned half a century, and a mother that just finished a thesis I will both flee and sadly be parted with the city covered in mushy, wet, heavy snow. Missing all the fab(ulous) things here at home, the Italian dolomites for a week of winter sport break will sure be  more than great. Don't fret - I will make sure I do everything I can to keep all my body parts intact. Now - 30 hours in a bus. Fab.
peace & love forever.


Second movement, second semester, second year.
Living and loving.
peace & love forever.

To all you hillbillies and rednecks out there...

... and to all the rest of you people around this globe that for some reason are stuck in my heart. Did I mention that I miss you? And not just a little, but way too much? I want to wish you all the best as we go into the new year. I want all of you to gaze forward into the future - but not without first casting an eye to what has already passed. Remember the places we saw, traditions we learned, bonds that we made, experiences we had and the family we found. Take my love with you, and think of us as you celebrate the New Year of 2011!
peace & love forever.


peace & love forever.

Dreaming white

Simply J. No words.
peace & love forever.

Cold chaos

Snow, everywhere! Except for the fact that all people traveling at the moment are stuck (it took my brother about 30 hours to get home from Newcastle, England) and that all homeless must freeze like nothing else, I can't help but to be secretly happy for the thick white coat our whole world has been covered in. Clean and serene it just quiets everything up, slows things down. Gives everyone a good excuse to cuddle up, with good company and a big cup of tea. I'm not complaining.
peace & love forever.

Who? I am Naima - someone who loves life, playing the cello, photography, dancing, friends and simply most fun things in this world. After my year as an exchange student in the States I have had my eyes opened for the rest of this globe and all its wonderful people to meet and places to see.

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