No limits


Surrounded by beautiful people, inside and out. Morning darkness is fading along with my hair color. Fridays are for celebrating birthdays, especially 18th:s. Excitement.

Waterfall in slow motion

Moena, Italy.
Slow down and let minutes go by as if they were clouds passing on a summer blue sky.

Vitt, vackert, visst.

Blog activity low lately, requesting apology from friends, family and tout le monde. However, Naima activity high - hours and hours spent nailing the processes of our metabolism, the theories of Archimedes and Isaac Newton, acting out Beethoven's miserable life in the Concert Hall of Gothenburg. Almost a week of living the dream, devouring russian romanticism with nightly nibs of more modern thinking. Along with a dad that just turned half a century, and a mother that just finished a thesis I will both flee and sadly be parted with the city covered in mushy, wet, heavy snow. Missing all the fab(ulous) things here at home, the Italian dolomites for a week of winter sport break will sure be  more than great. Don't fret - I will make sure I do everything I can to keep all my body parts intact. Now - 30 hours in a bus. Fab.

Aurora - Australia Gustav - Canada Linn - New Zealand Louise - California Lovisa - Australia Matilda - California Tobias - Kenya
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Who?I am Naima - someone who loves life, playing the cello, photography, dancing, friends and simply most fun things in this world. After my year as an exchange student in the States I have had my eyes opened for the rest of this globe and all its wonderful people to meet and places to see.

Idag är det , it's
's day today.