Polar bears

I really would not be surprised to see one strutting down the street on the way to school. No, Americans, do not fret, I am just kidding. Seriously though - I did forget how cold it gets. But I honestly can not even attempt to be sorry or complain over it, since it means that I can use my lovely aubergine-purple dream coat that the US blessed me with.

Technically, the length of the days are getting shorter and shorter, but somehow my body and mind simply refuses to go along with this, which makes me very lucky. My unseasonably long days are crammed with school, fika with friends, crazy marathon cello lessons and dance evenings. I am after six weeks of it even more in love with the speedy, competitive jazz classes as well as the smooth, flowing modern dancing. In terms of ballet, every week I find more and more of those muscles that have been on vacation far too long. Me and my friend J also made an excellent new discovery a few weeks back; the only thing it took for us to get completely stuck was five minutes of that locking class. We now spend every free second practising the "scooby-doo" to James Brown's old classics.

To compensate for the dryness of this very blog the last few weeks I will offer you a treat. My dear old Nikon has (along with my unknown muscles) been awakened from his (also far to long) sleep, and was only a week ago dragged into the woods along with me and J.

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Who?I am Naima - someone who loves life, playing the cello, photography, dancing, friends and simply most fun things in this world. After my year as an exchange student in the States I have had my eyes opened for the rest of this globe and all its wonderful people to meet and places to see.

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