Life starts all over again

A paradox, that's what this is. It is not supposed to feel this good being home, I'm not supposed to be this full of energy and life. Jetlag is something I have hardly even felt at all!

However, I have now done some of those things I have been longing for the whole year - I have been missing the milk, yoghurt, cheese and bread ridiculously much. I have been just walking in the city, taking it all in and watching all the people. And okay, I have to admit it - coming from the outside it kind of very much feels like Sweden is blonde-blue-eyed-land! I have been taking the bus and tram again, oh I have missed it!!! The bus driver must have thought I was going on something when I walked on the bus with the biggest smile I could ever conjure, and it was stuck on my face the whole 15 minutes I sat there! Such simple joys we can find here in life!

Today I will have somewhat of a musical experience (which will probably include a major pain in my fingers this afternoon) - it's time for Cello Stud Muffin Revival! After that I will finally get some West Coast feeling, joining my parents up in our vacation home. I'm longing for the ocean!


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Who? I am Naima - someone who loves life, playing the cello, photography, dancing, friends and simply most fun things in this world. After my year as an exchange student in the States I have had my eyes opened for the rest of this globe and all its wonderful people to meet and places to see.

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