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After spending all of the last 14 days at school, I can despite my lack of rest and crappy nutrition truly say that I wish it would have lasted longer. "It" being the most important project at school during the whole year for us juniors (second grader in our high school), a prestigious tradition - a revue (an entertaining show) for all the students, teachers and our parents. We are presented an opportunity to in only a few weeks time organize, create and present a comical show to fill 2 hours of our dear guests' time. Late nights, stressful schedules finally not only brought us all 150 people in my class together, but also could invite people to a night of entertainment and laughter. We've uncovered the secret, and found what we believe the perfect balance - just give a fair mix of teacher caricatures, guys dancing in dresses and prostitute make up, good songs performed by the band, parodies on the character of the school as well as the characters at the school, a really good dance number and some satirical depictions of important event in the world during the last year , and you will have an audience more than satisfied. (The picture is of one of my friend's Lady GaGa-eyelashes. She and 4 other girls did the dance to "Bad Romance" while two guys stood in front of them dressed as two of our male teachers singing "Bad Bromance".)


The exciting adventure that this has been, however, is about to be over very soon. The very last days we have performed this show five times, which means we only have one more show left. Our expectations for today being one of the best ones are high, since the audience will be all the first graders in our high school. Finally, we will take a proper farewell to this whole spectacle that's been our whole lives for the last weeks by a big party for the school tonight. Well, mainly for us second graders actually, but we're kind enough to invite the other grades as well. From what I've heard even some old students are planning on showing up!


Time to get ready to sing "Young Folks" for the last time, and laugh at all those jokes I've already heard a million times but still find hilarious. Oh, and did I mention that this class is extremely talented and simply so great and that I love them all?


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