"Are we going to compare Beethoven with Lady Gaga?"

Yet another totally packed day, like all the others! PE in the morning where we were tested on how fast we could run 2 miles, and suprisingly my last month (year) of being a couch potato has not affected my cardio at all as much as I expected. But after that me and a few of my classmates had a two hour lunch and then English class where we thoroughly read some Shakespeare.

Then I met up with some old friends (a few whom I haven't seen for over two years) to just reunite over a coffee to catch up. So much fun, it feels like just yesterday we walked around in the school, listening to the stupidest music and just worrying over stuff totally not worth worrying over...

Finally, it was a good rehearsal as a preparation for this weekend. I'm playing with a youth symphonic orchestra, and this weekend is our last intensive weekend, and then we're touring in the beginning of next week. The program is totally around Beethoven, and the whole concert is built up around a script, which is read by me and three others. So we are practically acting out and telling the story of Beethoven, while the orchestra plays different pieces in between. But it is a very different experience from being on stage as a musical artist, and the director here told me to NOT be as acting out as I am now, and try a different approach.

Now it's time to pack for this weekend, bringing my Physics book of course, and just be happy that I just got my permission to start practice driving!


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