Me, Charlie (exchange student from Michigan), his Rotary counselor and another Rotarian!

I have now landed, of course physically, but also more mentally. Wait, what am I saying? Actually - I'm still way up there, somewhere! But it actually feels good being a little all over the place! However, I am now starting to crank that wheel that is supposed to be called my life; a big creative revival with the cello - aching fingers as a result - , starting a get-back-in-shape-campaign - as if the Grand Canyon and Half Dome wasn't enough - and wonderful times with my family and friends. We've said it before and I'll say it again - Life is Good.

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Naima!! Välkommen hem! Verkar som om du haft ett toppen år! DU haha killen på bilden som bodde me din familj, ja har träffat honom :P Vår utbytesstudent Viola från tyskland tog med mig å 2 till för att träffa 2 andra utbytesstudenter å han va en av dom. Ser fram emot att se dig till hösten å måste få höra allt om hur du haft de! Pussar Jasmine

2010-07-25 @ 18:09:17

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Who? I am Naima - someone who loves life, playing the cello, photography, dancing, friends and simply most fun things in this world. After my year as an exchange student in the States I have had my eyes opened for the rest of this globe and all its wonderful people to meet and places to see.

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