Cold chaos

Snow, everywhere! Except for the fact that all people traveling at the moment are stuck (it took my brother about 30 hours to get home from Newcastle, England) and that all homeless must freeze like nothing else, I can't help but to be secretly happy for the thick white coat our whole world has been covered in. Clean and serene it just quiets everything up, slows things down. Gives everyone a good excuse to cuddle up, with good company and a big cup of tea. I'm not complaining.

skrivet av: jag heter? is it put your name here? ok, Luis Baquedano

actually it's not the whole world that is covered in snow. It doesn't actually snow in brazil,you know...haha

I miss you and your fun spirit naima. Hope you have a 2011 even better than 2010!

Love and always wishing you the best,


2011-01-03 @ 18:52:22

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jag heter
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